Wednesday, October 27, 2010

denounce removes nouns?

Denounce is one of those talents you skip over if you are looking to maximize PVE healing performance.  I put a couple of points in there and started machine gunning exorcism during heroics.  The first time I ever felt like my "holy" DPS was fun.  Watching those 5k and 6k hits roll over the targets was so distracting sometimes I would forget to heal.  Not that heroics require much healing anyway.

It's all about Holy Shock now.  I put on my 4pT10 gear to get the extra fast Holy Light after a shock, now Holly Light takes about .4s after a shock.  Most of the time, I just wait for Holy Shock cool downs to heal during heroics.  Working on using the combinations and procs more effectively is going to be fun when serious raiding starts again.  I am looking forward to a totally new healing experience.

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