Friday, January 15, 2010

Trauma shouldn't go to the Holy Paladin first...

Blessing of Kings: Trauma and Paladins

I have seen Trauma drop twice and haven't bothered to bid on it. Instead I made the case that if anyone should get it, then it should be our Resto-druids. Both drops went to druids. Looking at the parses, it appears they are getting 2-3% of their heals from it.

The only upgrades besides this are, Lockjaw and H-Lockjaw from the 10-man version of ICC. Of course getting a battered hilt would be a nice upgrade, but my luck on those hasn't been great. I will just have to stick with Heartsmasher, until our guild gets back into farming TOGC.

I'm guessing that there are also drops in ICC which haven't been revealed yet.

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