Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry the tank died because my beacon wasn't refreshed....

Dear Blizzard,

The Beacon of Light is amazing and has made paladin healers rejoice.  Using a entire global cool down (GCD) to refresh The Beacon  can sometimes be a problem.  You see, now that I don't need to just stare at the Tank's health bar constantly, I've started dropping heals on the raid.  A warlock life taps, BOMB goes the Holy Light.  The resto-druid gets hit by an orb, BOMB goes the Holy Light.  In fact, I'm so busy healing the raid, I sometimes forget about the tank and The Beacon expires and the Tank stops getting my Big Heals. This is usually not good.  So, I suggest the following change to the Beacon of Light.  In same spirit as say a Warlocks corruption being refreshed on every shadow bolt, shadow word pain being refreshed by mind flay, the Beacon of Light can be refreshed whenever a Holy Light is cast on The Beacon's target.  It still takes a GCD to refresh it, but the tank gets a Big Heal at the same time.

Thanks and Sincerely,
Big Healer

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