Thursday, January 14, 2010

I heal while wearing plate armor (mostly)

A Paladin healer can wear cloth, leather, mail, and plate armor. This is a talent that should be exploited. I know the shaman healer is going to complain if you bid on the mail boots, but it's not the paladin's fault they rolled a class with limited armor type selections. A paladin no matter which role they are filling needs to look at every armor type as a possible upgrade or "best in slot" for them.

For example, from Ice Crown Citadel raid zone, there are crafted healing boots for all the armor types. Two of them have no spirit or spell hit. The mail Earthsoul Boots and the plate Protectors of Life. Comparing the two feet warmers gives the following differences, if a paladin decides to get the mail boots.

  • -799 armor
  • -16 crit
  • -red socket
  • -blue socket
  • +16 haste
  • +yellow socket
  • +yellow socket
The socket bonus on these booties are the same, +7 spell power. Unless the paladin is a PvP or Flash of Light speicialist, those yellow sockets are going to be very attractive. Slot in two +20 Intellect gems and get some extra spell power.

The Paladin then has to decide if +16 crit is worth more then +16 haste/+7 spell power. Assuming of course, they are going to plop in the Intellect gems regardless of the socket bonus. The answer will be different for each paladin as they try and fine tune their gear. But, for a lot of them a pair for non-plate boots will be the best pick.

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